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Office of Scholarly Communication course timetable


Fri 22 Nov 2019 – Tue 18 Feb

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[ No events on Fri 22 Nov 2019 ]

November 2019

Mon 25

We want to hear YOUR views on research. Who owns your work? Who should access it? How does your research compare to other disciplines?

Come along for a free lunch and to discuss how the University can support you in practicing Open Research. Learn about the requirements placed on researchers and the tools you could use to boost your impact. Find out what your peers think and contribute to shaping a University-wide strategy for Open Research training.

Thu 28

You've published your what should you do with it? It seems we are expected to share more and more online, which can be both daunting and exciting. In this session we will look carefully at the benefits and barriers to sharing research, giving you an opportunity to consider a strategy that will work for you.

This session explores the whys and hows of sharing research - the options, the benefits and the logistics:

  • Your aims and motivations for disseminating research
  • Opportunities for sharing offered by social media and traditional media
  • Pitfalls when creating an online presence
  • Ways to find out who has been sharing, using and citing your published research

December 2019

Tue 3
Data Champions end-of-year event (by invitation only) Finished 15:00 - 17:00 Todd-Hamied

Please join us on Tuesday 3rd December (3–5 pm) for a social event to celebrate the end of the Data Champion year!

This is an informal occasion to mark the end of 2019. There is no specific theme for the event; instead, we will explore a range of open topics via short talks and questions amidst general networking. Topics for talks and questions may be related, in the broadest sense, to Research Data Management and Open Research but do not need to cover these areas exclusively (lateral thoughts are welcomed!). In addition, Data Champions are encouraged to contribute their thoughts on the future structure of the programme and the content of forums in 2020 - all ideas will be gratefully received.

Event location: Todd Hamied Room, Department of Chemistry, Lensfield Road, CB2 1EW (,0.125855,17)

January 2020

Tue 28

Have you ever wondered who can access your research? Most articles and research outputs are locked up behind paywalls inside an ivory tower. Find out how to make your practice more open to reach a broader audience, spark collaborations and, most importantly, improve the quality of your research.

February 2020

Tue 4

Prevent research disasters through good data management

  • How much information would you lose if your laptop was stolen?
  • Have you ever emailed your colleague a file named 'final_final_versionEDITED'?
  • Do you know what your funder expects you to do with your research information?

As a researcher, you will encounter research data in many forms, ranging from literature sources, interviews, measurements, numbers and images.

Whether you create, receive or collect this information, you will need to organise it.

Managing digital information properly is a complex issue. Doing it correctly from the start could save you a lot of time and hassle when preparing a publication or writing up your thesis.

Tue 11

Publishing journal articles is a key element of a successful research career. As you are starting on this journey, you may have a lot of questions, for example:

  • Where and how should I publish my research?
  • How do I maximise the number of readers and citations?
  • How should I respond to reviewers?
Tue 18

Seeing your name on the spine of a book is a great achievement, which can help to kick start your career in some disciplines. How do you get there?

This session answers some of the key questions along the way, including including:

  • Should you turn your thesis into a monograph?
  • How do you choose a publisher?
  • How do you get your proposal accepted?
  • What are the key stages in the publication process?