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Instructor-led course

Provided by: Cambridge University Library Staff Learning & Development

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Cambridge University Library Staff : Mentoring Workshop


Whilst the importance of coaching is widely recognised it is important to maintain the organisations mentoring capability. Be this formal mentoring where the mentor has been assigned or using mentoring skill in a more day to day conversational way having people who are skilled at providing guidance and developing people can have a marked effect on organisational performance . The workshop is suitable for anybody with either a formal or informal role as a mentor and also for line managers wishing to develop this skill. The workshop can be a way of developing a mentoring culture across the organisation or for specific departments or service areas.

Target audience

Cambridge University Library Staff


• A thorough understanding of the role, boundaries and impact on performance

• Considering the linkage between mentoring and developmental coaching

• An opportunity to consider your role as a mentor and understand how to apply skills that will make maximise the positive impact for your mentee

• Consideration of your approach to developing and imbedding a mentoring culture


Interactive day workshop


One day

Cambridge University Libraries Staff : Leadership Development

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