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Fri 9 Jun – Fri 15 Sep

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Friday 15 September

World Childless Week new Finished 12:30 - 13:30

Pregnancy Loss, Infertility & Childlessness: The Current Picture & Best Practice Recommendations for Supporting Colleagues

Within this informative, yet sensitive webinar, delegates are equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence to more adequately support those experiencing pregnancy loss, infertility and/or childlessness. Notably, delegates have the opportunity to explore the:

  • Prevalence of pregnancy loss, infertility and childlessness (showcasing of current research and statistics).
  • Physical and psychological impact of each issue (lived experiences to illuminate key implications).
  • Impact on partners, who are often overlooked.
  • Different types of pregnancy loss and fertility treatments.
  • Interventions for pregnancy loss and their potential effects.
  • Employee rights at work.
  • How to support a colleague who discloses (communication training).
  • Available support/where to turn.
  • Pro-natal practices and conversations which may be triggering for affected employees.
  • Q&A.

Bio: Katy Schnitzler is the Founder of MIST Workshops Ltd., a company providing training, policy writing and support for pregnancy loss, infertility and childlessness at work. Katy is also an academic, and so her training content is informed by the most current research, notably findings from her PhD. Katy has worked with various organisations to improve practice in these prevalent and significant (yet often overlooked) areas - including global energy companies, universities and The NHS.