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Equality & Diversity

Equality & Diversity course timetable


Wed 7 Dec – Fri 9 Dec

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Friday 9 December


Working with Fatigue or Energy Impairment

Many disabled staff find ourselves trying to work while managing our Fatigue or Energy Impairment. Doing this is, at best, difficult, and made more-so by our sense that if we mention it, we risk being labelled “lazy”. Hence we tend to struggle on, alone and in silence.

As more colleagues with long-Covid return to work, now feels like a good time for us to begin talking openly about what it feels like and how we can start to improve things.

We are holding an Online panel discussion, beginning with Dr Anna Ruddock from the Chronic Illness Inclusion Project, plus members of the DSN talking about our lived-experience and opening into a wider conversation about working with Fatigue and /or Energy Impairment.

To maximise inclusion we invite you to join our 1 hour discussion over lunch time. Find a comfortable place to sit and feel free to bring your lunch.