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Evaluation 6 Step Process new Wed 8 Jun 2022   10:00 [Places]

An online session that will outline and explain a simple 6-step process for designing and embedding evaluation for Access & Participation interventions and programmes. The process has been developed by the Cambridge Admissions Office and is flexible enough to be applied to many A&P interventions, regardless of the student lifecycle stage in question.

Intro to Qualitative Data Analysis new Fri 10 Jun 2022   11:00 [Places]

This introductory session will explore what qualitative data analysis can tell you and the implications of different kinds of qualitative data collection.

Intro to Quantitative Data Analysis new Tue 28 Jun 2022   14:00 [Places]

This session will explore what quantitative data analysis can tell you and the implications of different kinds of quantitative data collection.

These sessions are aimed at those who are brand new to HEAT (Higher Education Access Tracker) and who will want to be added to the live database as their institution’s Operational Lead or User with all Reports. 

If you are only going to need Read Only or Read Only with Export permissions this training is not required.

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Date Availability
Thu 7 Jul 2022 09:30 [Places]
Tue 2 Aug 2022 09:30 [Places]
Reporting, Dissemination & Comms new Wed 25 May 2022   14:00 [Places]

This online session will explore how to present and disseminate evaluation findings in appropriate ways for intended users, and to support wider strategic use.

Scoping Evaluation – Uses, Questions and Scaling new Wed 18 May 2022   11:00 [Places]

This online session will address how to scope the requirements and boundaries of your evaluation in terms of purposes, questions and scaling. It will particularly explore how evaluation could be used constructively and strategically, and five potential areas that you could explore in your evaluation. This is the second step in the 6-Step Evaluation Process. The session will comprise of practical guidance, opportunities for discussion, and introduce some practical resources you can use in your own evaluation planning.

Theory of Change - Part 1 & 2 new Thu 23 Jun 2022   09:30 [Places]

This in person session will cover the basics of an underpinning Theory of Change for access & participation interventions and focus on worked examples.