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Charging Policy

Non-bespoke Instructor Led Courses

If you are eligible to attend, the majority of non-bespoke instructor led training, provided by the University Information Services which do not lead to accreditation are free to University, College and Affiliated Institution members (see below).

Please note: There are costs associated with running these courses such as trainer, facility, refreshment and administrative costs so please do not book unless you can attend.

1. Free

  • Registered matriculating Students of the University
  • Current Staff of the University (including Academic Visitors who have a CRSID/Raven login)
  • Current Staff of the Colleges
  • Current Student Supervisors
  • Techlinks
  • Staff of the Cambridge Theological Federation and students affiliated to Cambridge. ARU students affiliated to the Federation are concessionary.
  • Cambridge Enterprise Limited (CEL) staff
  • The following MRC Units
    • MRC Biostatistics Unit
    • MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit
    • MRC Cancer Unit
    • MRC Epidemiology Unit
    • MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit
    • MRC Toxicology Unit
  • Cancer Research Staff
  • Cambridge Assessment - Research Staff Only
  • Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre - Research Students only
  • European Bioinformatics Institute - Research Students only
  • Sanger Institute - Research Students only
  • Babraham Unit - Research Students only
  • British Antarctic Survey (BAS) - Research Students only
  • NIAB - Research Students and Postdocs only
  • Wellcome Trust - Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

2. Concessionary Charge

A concessionary charge of £35 per session (typically half a day or less) applies to:

Staff of the following Institutions:

  • British Antarctic Survey (BAS) staff
  • Cambridge Assessment (previously UCLES now LES) non research staff
  • Cambridge University Press (previously CUP now UP) staff
  • Judge Executive Education Ltd staff (JEE)
  • MRC staff of the following units:
    • MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (MB)
    • MRC Human Nutrition Research
  • Strangeways Laboratory Staff (Affiliated to Earth Sciences)

Students of the following Instiutions:

  • Institute of Continuing Education non-matriculated students (XMURAL)
  • Cambridge Theological Federation (FTHEO) students affiliated with ARU (Eastern Region Ministry Course (EMTC), The Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide formerly the Henry Martyn Centre (HMC), Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies (IOCS), Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology (MBIT), Ridley Hall (RIDLEY), Tyndale Library (TYNDALE), Wesley House (WESLEY), Westcott House (WESCOT), Westminster College (WESTMIN)

3. Full Charge

A full charge of £70 per session (typically half a day or less) applies to all others at the discretion of the University Information Services, for guidance purposes only:

  • Agricultural Research Service (ARS) staff, including Babraham Unit
  • Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC) staff
  • IFM Education and Consultancy Service staff
  • European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) staff
  • Cambridge Arctic Shelf Programme (CASP) staff
  • Public Health England (PHE) Knowledge & Intelligence Team (East)
  • Clinical Research Facility (Wellcome Trust) staff
  • Sanger Institute staff
  • Members of non-affiliated University institutions
  • Members of other Universities
  • Members of charity organisations
  • Members of public and government bodies including NHS, Schools
  • Spouses/partners of University staff or students
  • University Alumni
  • Retired members of staff

Bespoke, Specially Commissioned or Certification Courses

A charge applies to all members of the University to cover the cost of running the course. See the course details or contact us for more information.

Self-taught Loan Courses

All subject to a deposit of £20 refundable when item returned on time and in good condition.

  • Free to University, College and affiliated institution members (see list above)
  • £5 per week for those listed above under Concessionary Charge
  • £10 per week for those listed above under Full Charge

More details available from Self-taught.


See payment for details on making a payment.