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This course is for colleagues based in the following schools only: Physical Sciences, The Humanities and Social Sciences, Non-School Institutions, Arts and Humanities

This course is designed to help staff involved in the research grant process to gain the knowledge and skills they’ll need to fulfil their role within their departments.

Sessions for these schools and institutions will run from 1st August – 11th September 2024 inclusive so please book one of the options available in this timeframe if at all possible.

This training will be a demo-led session so if you choose to attend an in-person event, you do not need to bring a laptop with you.

Once you have attended a training session you will receive a follow-up email with information on how to access a Worktribe environment so you are able to familiarise yourself with the system before your school goes live.

Please Note: It is important that when you book on this course, on your booking confirmation page, click on Add to Calendar to start the process to import the course appointment into your calendar.

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Date Availability
Wed 7 Aug 2024 10:30 [Places]
Thu 8 Aug 2024 10:30 [Places]
Wed 14 Aug 2024 10:30 [Places]
Thu 15 Aug 2024 10:30 [Places]
Wed 21 Aug 2024 10:30 [Places]
Thu 22 Aug 2024 10:30 [Places]
Wed 28 Aug 2024 10:30 [Places]
Thu 29 Aug 2024 10:30 [Places]
Wed 4 Sep 2024 10:30 [Places]
Thu 5 Sep 2024 10:30 [Places]