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University Information Services - Staff Learning & Development course timetable


Tue 14 Jul – Tue 17 Nov

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July 2020

Tue 14

A contextual, informative and interactive webinar-style online event to provide guidance and helpful techniques for mentors enrolled on the UIS Mentoring Scheme and anyone interested in mentoring in general, to support their colleagues and understand how to develop to be an effective mentor.

October 2020

Wed 14

Mental Health Day is an opportunity for all of us to raise awareness of mental health issues and advocate against social stigma.

As part of UIS' Wellbeing initiative, Zara Sheldrake will present a Staff Seminar on wellbeing in the workplace. She'll explain key facts and theories around mental health, the added challenges of Covid-19 and how to look out for signs and symptoms of stress within ourselves and our colleagues, providing practical tips and advice to help you and those around you.

Tue 20

Ian Leslie will present our annual view of the coming year in University IT, touching on pandemic-related issues, recent UIS critical activities and evolving priorities and portfolios. You'll have an opportunity to post questions during the live event.

November 2020

Wed 4

A TechLink Community online event providing an overview of key aspects of cloud computing, such as:

  • Infrastructure & Security in the cloud
  • Use cases & Data Management (e.g. Website Hosting, Back Up, Data Safe Haven)
  • Hybrid Cloud options (e.g. Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, resilience)
  • Pricing and Cost Control models

There will be opportunities for Q&A, and follow up discussions.

Tue 17

A TechLink Community online event for University and affiliated IT professionals.