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This intro to Adobe® Connect software provides an ideal solution for virtual Meetings, Seminars, Interviews, Presentations and Instructor-led Courses and Training, enabling organisers to create, deliver, manage, support and track discussions and courses while providing an experience that can replicate much of the in-person experience. There are also options for additional collaboration via polls, quizzes, breakout rooms for larger and diverse groups, as well as flexible whiteboard and desktop sharing, lecture capture, one-way talks and webinars, and a range of add-ons and programmability to customise for specialised requirements.

Live and previously-recorded sessions can be accessed from virtually any device, from personal computers to mobile devices (including Android, Apple® iOS, and BlackBerry® PlayBook OS).

Microsoft SharePoint 2013/Online: For Your Institution new Thu 22 Jun 2017   09:30 Finished

This course introduces the most commonly used features of SharePoint 2013 on premise and SharePoint Online platforms. It covers topics that will assist institutions in evaluating SharePoint for their institutional requirements. During the course there will be discussion on how to implement SharePoint solutions in existing or new SharePoint deployments. It is beneficial to have your institution requirements prepared for class discussion.

Microsoft SharePoint 2013: Advanced Users Thu 9 Feb 2017   09:30 CANCELLED

This course is designed to introduce Microsoft SharePoint features as a site owner. It covers how to create SharePoint components, manage workflow and setup site permissions.

Microsoft SharePoint 2013: Beginners Wed 18 Jan 2017   09:30 CANCELLED

This course is designed to introduce Microsoft SharePoint features as a user with little or no knowledge of SharePoint. It covers basic understanding of SharePoint components, navigation, and site content handling.

There is a follow on course for site owners / administrators Microsoft SharePoint for More Advanced Users

Panopto Lecture Capture Demonstration new Mon 19 Sep 2016   14:00 Finished

Panopto is a lecture capture system with the ability to record any combination of video sources, in any configuration, in classrooms of any size. It can be used to record Video Presentations, Screen Recording, Multi-Camera Recording, Live Webcasting and Scheduled Recording. This session will be delivered by Panopto.