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Self-taught course

Provided by: University Information Services


This course is self taught (Materials may be loaned out).

Bookings cannot be made on this course (Course is not taking bookings).

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Microsoft Office 365 for Business - Level 2

Self-taught course


The skills and knowledge acquired in Microsoft Office 365 - For Business - Level 2 are sufficient to be able to use and operate the software effectively.

Target audience

Anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of Microsoft Office 365 for Business

  • Completion of Microsoft Office 365 for Business - Level 1 or equivalent knowledge
  • The course assumes little or no knowledge of the software. However, it would be beneficial to have a general understanding of personal computers and the Windows operating system environment.
Topics covered

Working With Sites

  • Understanding Sites
  • Team Sites
  • Creating A New Team Site
  • The Site Screen
  • Navigating A Site
  • Understanding Site Contents
  • Changing The Theme
  • Understanding Site Settings
  • Understanding Site Apps
  • Understanding Library Apps
  • Understanding List Apps
  • Adding A Page
  • Adding Web Parts
  • Adding Pages To The Quick Launch
  • Adding Apps To A Site
  • Working With Apps
  • Deleting Sites
  • SharePoint Mobile App

Working With SharePoint

  • Following Sites
  • Adding Members
  • Group Conversations
  • Understanding Document Libraries
  • The Library Interface
  • Working With Files
  • Checking Files In And Out
  • Working With Version History
  • Site Collections
  • Accessing SharePoint Permissions
  • SharePoint Permissions

The Planner App

  • Understanding Planner
  • The Planner Hub
  • Creating A New Plan
  • The Plan Board
  • Adding A Task To A Plan
  • Adding A Bucket
  • Adding Team Members To A Plan
  • Understanding The Task Window
  • Working With Tasks
  • Working With Labels
  • Grouping Tasks
  • Completing Tasks
  • Working With The Board
  • Understanding The Charts View
  • Understanding The More Menu
  • My Tasks
  • Editing A Plan
  • Deleting Plans And Tasks
  • The Planner Mobile App


  • Understanding The Tasks Screen
  • Creating A Task
  • Sorting And Filtering Tasks
  • Working With Tasks
  • Adding Categories And Charms
  • Deleting Tasks


  • Delve And The Office Graph
  • The Delve Homepage
  • Accessing Your Content Cards
  • Working With Content Cards
  • Working With Boards
  • Working With People
  • The Delve Mobile App


  • The Sway Homepage
  • Creating A Sway From A Document
  • Creating A Sway From A Template
  • Creating A New Sway From Scratch
  • The Sway Screen
  • Navigating Sways
  • Understanding Cards
  • Working With Cards
  • Working With Text
  • Understanding Inserting Video And Images
  • Inserting Images And Videos
  • Working With Groups
  • Previewing Your Sway
  • Changing The Design And Layout
  • Sharing Your Sway
  • Deleting A Sway

The Bookings App

  • Setting Up Bookings
  • The Bookings Homepage
  • Adding Business Information
  • Adding Services
  • Adding Additional Services
  • Customising Reminders
  • Managing Services
  • Managing The Booking Page
  • Publishing The Booking Page
  • Creating A Staff List
  • Allocating Staff Availability
  • Importing Contacts
  • Working With The Calendar
  • Printing The Calendar
  • Booking Appointments
  • Working With The Customer List
  • The Mobile Bookings App


  • What Is Microsoft Teams
  • Signing In To Microsoft Teams
  • The Microsoft Teams Screen
  • Navigating With The Sidebar
  • Creating A Team
  • Adding Members To Your Team
  • Team Chat
  • Replying To Messages In Team Chat
  • The Team Area
  • Understanding Private Chat
  • Understanding Meetings
  • Understanding Files
  • Logging Out Of Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Teams Mobile App

Office For iPad

  • Creating A New Document
  • The Word For iPad Screen
  • The Excel For iPad Screen
  • The PowerPoint For iPad Screen
  • Saving A Document
  • Using The Ribbon
  • Understanding The Backstage View
  • Opening An Existing Document
  • Understanding The File Menu
  • Using Shortcut Menus
  • The OneNote For iPad Screen
  • Office For iPad Touch Guide
  • Exiting Safely

Office Mobile Apps

  • Signing In To Office Mobile Apps
  • Understanding The Office Mobile Apps
  • Creating And Opening Files
  • Understanding The Office Mobile Screen
  • Understanding The OneNote Mobile App

At the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • understanding and navigating sites
  • learn how to work with SharePoint
  • understand Planner and how to work with it
  • create and work with tasks
  • gain an understanding of Delve
  • understand Sway and how to create and work with sways
  • set up and begin working with Bookings
  • understand what Microsoft Teams is
  • start Office for iPad
  • access and work with files in Office mobile apps

Watsonia workbook with 127 topics. Files for the exercises are provided on a CD or can be downloaded here


Approximately 15 hours

Booking / availability