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Self-taught course

Provided by: University Information Services


This course is self taught (Materials may be loaned out).

Bookings cannot be made on this course (Course is not taking bookings).

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Microsoft Lync Online

Self-taught course


The skills and knowledge acquired in Microsoft Lync Online are sufficient to be able to work with the basic elements of Lync including adding and working with contacts, sending and receiving calls and instant messages, using the presenting features and working with Lync settings.

Target audience

Anyone who is new to Microsoft Lync online.


Microsoft Lync Online assumes little or no knowledge of the software. However, it would be beneficial to have a general understanding of personal computers and the Windows operating system environment.

Topics covered

Getting Started With Lync

  • What Is Lync
  • Lync Features And Plans
  • Opening Lync With Windows 8.1
  • Signing In To Lync
  • The Lync Window
  • Lync Presence And Status
  • Changing The Profile Picture
  • Glossary Of Lync Terms
  • Accessing Help

Lync Contacts

  • Adding Contacts From Within Your Organisation
  • Adding Outside Contacts
  • Sorting Contacts
  • Changing The Privacy Status Of Contacts
  • Using The Quick Lync Bar
  • Working With The Contact Card
  • Creating A New Group
  • Working With Groups
  • Deleting Groups And Contacts
  • Tagging For Status Change Alerts

Instant Messaging

  • Sending Instant Messages
  • The Conversation Window
  • Replying To Instant Messages
  • Formatting Instant Messages
  • Sharing Files
  • Opening Shared Files
  • Working With Lync Views
  • Resuming A Conversation
  • Viewing Conversation History In Outlook

Working With Calls

  • Placing A Call
  • Working With The Call Window
  • Receiving A Call
  • Working With Call Layout Options


  • Online Meeting Best Practise
  • Setting Up Lync Meetings
  • Creating A Meeting In Outlook
  • Accepting A Meeting In Outlook
  • Joining A Meeting
  • Creating An Impromptu Meeting
  • Recording A Meeting
  • Managing Recordings
  • Saving And Publishing Recordings
  • Understanding Meeting Options
  • Understanding Meeting Actions
  • Using The Lobby
  • Understanding The Lync Web App
  • Leaving A Meeting


  • Understanding Presenting
  • Presenting The Desktop
  • Giving Others Control Of The Desktop
  • Working With Desktop Presentations
  • Presenting A Program
  • Working With A Program
  • Presenting A PowerPoint Slide Show
  • Working With A PowerPoint Presentation
  • Annotating PowerPoint Presentations
  • Managing PowerPoint Presentations
  • Working With The Presenting Options
  • Presenting Whiteboard
  • The Poll Screen
  • Creating A Poll
  • Working With Polls
  • Creating A Q & A
  • Working With Q & A

The Lync Mobile App

  • The Contacts View
  • Adding A Contact In Lync For Mobile
  • Instant Messaging In Lync For Mobile
  • Working With Conversations
  • Working With My Info

Lync Options

  • Understanding Lync Options
  • Personalising Lync
  • Changing The Contacts List Display Options
  • File locations

At the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • gain an understanding of Lync, it's features and how it can be used
  • add and work with contacts in Lync
  • understand and work with instant messages
  • work with audio and video features in Lync
  • create and join meetings in Lync
  • use the present tools
  • understand and work with the Lync mobile app
  • understand, work with and modify Lync options

Watsonia workbook with 72 topics. There are no files associated with this course.

System requirements

Internet Explorer, Microsoft Lync


Approximately 5 hours.

Booking / availability