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Instructor-led course

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Collaboration Tools: Microsoft Teams - Part 4 - File Management (In Person Face to Face)


New to online collaboration? This course aims to take the mystery out of managing your files online, syncing these to your computer and introduces a few useful functions that you may not have discovered. By the end of the session you will understand online file management and SharePoint / Teams / OneDrive storage.

  • This is the In Person Face to Face version of the Live Online MS Teams File Management course.

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Target audience
  • All current Cambridge University members (departments and colleges)
  • Further details regarding eligibility criteria are available
Topics covered

By the end of the course you will understand:

  • The difference between OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint
  • Should I save files to OneDrive or Teams?
  • Who can see which files, where they are stored and file permissions
  • Checking out a file to prevent others editing it
  • Guest access to files
  • Various approaches to sharing files, e.g. in chat, Posts, via links,
  • File management techniques such as renaming, moving / copying / recovering files in Teams / SharePoint
  • Version history and restoring previous versions of files
  • Syncing SharePoint and Teams files to work locally or offline

Q&A throughout the session

  • Presentation, demonstration and practical activities
  • One session of two hours
  • Termly
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