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10 Days of Twitter: Beginner's course new Mon 18 Jan 2016   10:00 Finished

Learn the basics of Twitter by completing 1 short online activity per day, for 10 days and join the global network of researchers who already use it (

This is an online course - you will NOT be required to attend a workshop session.

Tasks will cover:

  • the basics – how to set up an account, follow people and send tweets
  • the conventions (@, #, RT, etc.)
  • etiquette and social conventions
  • the plethora of ‘apps’ or third party tools to add on
  • strategies for tweeting effectively and building a network
AAT Alumni new Mon 5 Feb 2018   13:30 Finished

Across the university and assoicated bodies we have many members of staff who have previously studied AAT or are currently studying. We have set up an alumni group specifically for these AAT qualified/part qualified staff as a way to maintain the connection and to support their continued development

Cyber security

Protecting the University’s assets, intellectual property and information against cyber security threats is a complex, evolving task. Cyber attacks can result in data loss, reputational damage, fines and other types of financial loss. To help protect the University against these risks, University Information Services (UIS) is overseeing a major programme to improve cyber security levels across the University

Kieren Lovell from UIS will be coming to speak about how we manage our security in the University and what steps we can take to protect ourselves.

The AAT Foundation Certificate in Bookkeeping is the starting point for studying the AAT qualfiication.

It is a short qualification which will help you to develop essential bookkeeping skills. Once completed, you will have an understanding of basic accounting practices and techniques including double-entry bookkeeping. It can be treated as a stand alone qualifcation or used as a stepping stone to further AAT study at Level 3.

Once you have registered here you will need to complete the application form at the back of the briefing pack. These packs are available on our website

AAT Level 3 Diploma in Accounting 2019-20 charged Mon 9 Sep 2019   12:30 Not bookable

The AAT Level 3, Diploma in Accounting, introduces to students to more complex financial processes and accounting tasks, the principles of VAT, professional ethics and develops their spreadsheet skills.

In addition to applying for a provisional place here, you will need to complete an application form which can be found on our website
AAT Level 4 Professional Diploma in Accounting 2019-20 charged Mon 9 Sep 2019   13:30 Not bookable

The course details are being finalised, for now please book a provisional place here and we will let you know when the details and application packs are available

AAT Level 4, Professional Diploma in accounting.

Students will be placed on the public day release programme with an external provider

Once you have registered here you will need to complete the application form at the back of the briefing pack. This pack is available on our website Dates will be added once they have been confirmed

A Brief Introduction to Managing Laser Safety Tue 11 Sep 2012   14:30 CANCELLED

This course provides a brief introduction to laser safety management for those with supervisory responsibilities for laser laboratories, with a modern approach to laser safety.

This session is for staff in HR related roles and will provide an overview of different types of Academic Leave and how and in what circumstances they should be applied.

Access 2016: Creating a Simple Database Thu 23 May 2019   09:30 Finished

This is an introduction to the popular database package Microsoft Access. The course is aimed at those who have never used the package before or have just started using it. There is an Access Fast Track course that is a shortened version of this course for those who learn at a faster pace.

Access 2016: Fast Track Introduction Thu 9 May 2019   09:00 Finished

This is a fast paced and shortened version of the 2-session Access 2016: Creating a Simple Database course and thus is more suitable for those who are quick learners. This course will be taught using Access 2016 on PCs (Windows 7).

Access 2016: Further Use Thu 4 Jul 2019   09:30 Finished

This course is intended for those already using Microsoft Access 2016 who wish to explore more advanced queries and forms. Those who have attended the Access 2016: Creating a Simple Database course will find this follows on seamlessly from where that course left off - but be prepared for a harder challenge. Part of the course explores relational database design concepts for simple databases. The remainder focuses on more advanced queries and forms. The second session is optional for you to either work through and consolidate the course material, or to receive support on your own project.

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