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Developing Effective Teams new Thu 30 Mar 2017   09:30 Finished

What is required to develop efficient and productive working relationships?

In this workshop we explore research that provides insight into individuals’ different working styles. We discuss how to develop effective teams and discuss mechanisms to deal with different team dynamics and difficult relationships.

We practice ways that the team can communicate and collaborate more effectively and look at key practical communication and knowledge management processes.


  • Understanding the facets of an effective team
  • Belbin team role insight
  • Learning styles and communication techniques
  • An insight into individual motivations and drivers
  • Mechanisms to manage different team dynamics

Related courses provided by Researcher Development Programme (RDP)

The new Emerging Research Leaders’ Development Programme (ERLDP) is designed to support postdocs aspiring to achieve research independence in order to lead a research group and/or become a research leader in any field. This programme is intended for postdoctoral researchers from any discipline who have begun or are about to begin the process of applying for independent research funding and/or established positions. An additional criterion is that you must have 2 years’ experience as a postdoc.

The programme builds on RDP’s leadership workshop series (Postdocs: An Initial Guide to Leadership; Postdocs: Self-Leadership; Postdocs: Leading Others. ), which lay the foundations of leadership for postdocs, and provides a more advanced leadership programme for those wishing to explore and consolidate their leadership practice over a four-month period within a multidisciplinary group. It is an application-only programme to enable a group of participants to work together to explore leadership in different contexts, and apply subsequent learning appropriately within their individual situations, current roles and future leadership positions. This will be a highly participative programme and an active and collaborative contribution to the content will be encouraged throughout.

If you are considering making an application to ERLDP 2019 and have not already attended at least two of RDP’s leadership workshop series for postdocs linked above, we strongly recommend that you sign up to complete these courses in Michaelmas 2018. ERLDP will run from January to April 2019.

Developing Your Leadership as a PhD Student Mon 25 Feb 2019   10:00 Finished

Leadership is a word that seems to be ubiquitous in universities these days, but keeping a handle on all its possible meanings is becoming ever harder: research leadership, team leadership, institutional leadership, thought leadership, educational leadership, ethical leadership, inclusive leadership…

Likewise, employers beyond academia repeatedly tell us that they’re seeking researchers who can be self-motivating, proactive, strategic; can build productive relationships with colleagues at all levels of seniority; are able to create consensus and shared understanding; know how to mentor and guide as well as take direction…

So, if leadership is being talked about everywhere and yet is also very hard to define, how can you as a PhD student identify your own leadership practice and your future potential?

This interactive workshop will combine practical insights with key leadership theories in order to explore the ways in which you’re already acting as a leader; to examine how ‘follower’ behaviours have a crucial role in shaping good leadership; and to consider leadership in a variety of contexts.

The session will be led by Jen Wade, a highly experienced trainer who has been leading her own business for more than ten years, working with a diverse range of organisations across the academic, public, and commercial sectors.


  • Review a range of definitions of, and styles of, leadership.
  • Recognise your current strengths and future potential as a leader.
Introduction to Self-Leadership for PhD Students new Tue 7 May 2019   10:00 Finished

More than ever, becoming a professional researcher – whether, for you, that means staying on in academia or bringing your research skills to another job sector – requires attributes like self-direction, persistence, and pro-activity; the willingness to think creatively and the capability to think ethically; an understanding of your own needs and wants, and empathy towards others. In other words, becoming a professional researcher requires you to demonstrate self-leadership.

This bite-sized workshop will introduce you to the concept of self-leadership and how it can be applied to PhD research. You may find it a useful workshop to do alongside Developing Your Leadership as a PhD Student.