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Professor Tamsin Ford CBE, will explore the evidence impacts of the upheavals of the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting restrictions on children and young people – is there a Tsunami of mental health conditions or are the kids alright?

Tamsin is Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Cambridge. She is an internationally renowned Child Psychiatric Epidemiologist who researches the organisation, delivery, and effectiveness of services and interventions for children and young people’s mental health.

There are many aspects of the current research culture that negatively impact on the mental health of researchers. At Cambridge, we have set out our ambitions for creating a better research culture in an institutional action plan.

Liz Simmonds (Postdoc Academy) and Yi Ting Chua (president of the PdOC Society) from the University's research culture working group, talk about how the plan aims to improve different aspects of research culture, and following from that help to improve researchers' mental health.

MHAW : Mindfulness and Relaxation new Fri 14 May 2021   13:00 Finished

An hour-long session in which Sabina and Kate from the Staff Counselling Centre guide you through gentle breathing and mindfulness exercises to help you relax and self-soothe.

A webinar run by Jenny Swain, CPSL Mind to consider the emotional impact of lockdown and tips for dealing with emerging out of lockdown.

MHAW : Wellbeing For Young People new Wed 12 May 2021   11:00 Finished

Led by Sarah-Cate Blake, Education Officer at the Fitzwilliam Museum, this session will include ideas and resources for those working with or caring for young people.

A set of ideas and techniques for Young People to put into practice and facilitate their own self-regulated wellbeing resilience. Some of these are creative and practical activities, others are from trauma informed yoga and mindfulness.

MHAW : Mentoring to Support Mental Health new Thu 13 May 2021   13:30 Finished

A mentoring relationship could help you to progress in your professional life/career and build your networks. It can also support your mental health by increasing confidence and reducing anxiety.

If you are interested in hearing about mentoring and its effects on mental health, join the ourcambridge Self-Match Mentoring Scheme' team for an informal session and discussion.

“(Mentoring) supported my mental health through a period of work-related anxiety/stress”.

MHAW : Putting MEN into Mental Health new Thu 13 May 2021   12:00 CANCELLED

Why is the suicide rate so much higher in men than women?

What are the barriers that stop men speaking openly about their emotions and seeking professional help?

Come and watch an engaging conversation between two male staff counsellors as they deliberate these issues. There will be plenty of time for questions at the end.

MHAW : The Art of Skying new Thu 13 May 2021   11:30 Finished

Float into the clouds for this relaxing session discovering the world of the artist John Constable.

Join one of the educators from the Fitzwilliam Museum as they guide you first through a slow looking activity, before four short drawing exercises to try your own 'skying' at home.

In the role of parents and carers, we may be concerned about how those around us are coping in these challenging times, especially our children as we start to come out of lockdown.

In this panel session Dr Fiona Peacock, Faculty of Education, and Dr James Biddulph, Headteacher of the University Primary School, will discuss the main issues our children face as they return to school and lockdown rules gradually relax.

Participants will discover how to contextualise the difference between an appropriate anxiety or stress reaction to what is going on in the world, how attachment theory and positive relationships between people support resilience, and how parents could support their children in their journey out of lockdown.

Our ways of working and living online have changed a great deal during the past year.

What kinds of habits and routines have we created in our digital lives?

In this session we’ll talk how we might balance digital productivity and wellbeing, how to cope with digital fatigue and distraction, and more.

Mental Health Awareness Week

Join Claire Thompson, NHS Psychological Well-Being practitioner and author of Mindfulness and the Natural World and The Art of Mindful Birdwatching to hear about her journey into mindfulness, the natural world, well-being and mental health.

The session will explore what it means to develop a mindful relationship with ourselves and the rest of the natural world and why it is vital for our well-being and that of our planet that we do so.

Claire will present some of the current evidence supporting the benefits of mindful nature connection for well-being and mental health and share practical tips on how to connect with the natural world in our daily lives.

The session will end with a Q&A.

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