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Cambridge University Libraries Staff : SRD Review new Tue 27 Feb 2018   14:00 Finished

A facilitated workshop, to review the Cambridge University Library Staff Review and Development (SRD) Processes.

An overview of the changes to the Cambridge University Libraries Staff Review and Development Process

A briefing session on the Cambridge University Libraries Staff Review and Development Process

One to one and staff review and development (SRD) meetings are a crucial aspect of the organisations approach to performance management and key to the way in which we manage our people.

This workshop is aimed at the skills needed to facilitate great meetings, but more importantly, explains the positive benefits in behaviour and motivation that can be achieved through these discussions.

It can however be daunting and the course is intended to help you understand the context of SRD and build confidence in managing the process.

SRD is fundamentally a positive relationship building event between the manager and staff member. The skills and techniques that make this possible will be reviewed during this course.

Outline Content:

• Understanding SRD and its role in performance management • Linking to your one to ones • Setting good SMART objectives • Understanding the system in the University • Structuring the SRD • What makes a successful meeting? • Giving feedback & discussing performance • Dealing with challenges and unwilling people • Closing the SRD on a high • Personal actions