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Theme: ADTIS: Academic Development & Training for International Students

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ADTIS In-Sessional - Writing Up Your Dissertation Thu 30 Apr 2020   12:30 [Places]

With deadlines for MPhils dissertations fast approaching, drop in for this last-minute, trouble-shooting webinar on the research and writing process. Review what independent research entails and what your examiners are looking for. This will be a follow-up to the Lent Term workshop ‘MPhil Dissertations and Other Long Assignments’. VENUE:

ADTIS In-Sessional - Revision and Exam Skills Fri 1 May 2020   11:00 [Places]

The exams that take place towards the end of the academic year can sometimes seem threatening. They don’t have to. This workshop will look at ways to prepare efficiently and effectively in the run-up to exams, working on various aspects of the revision process all the way through to the exams themselves VENUE: -

This workshop offers a friendly forum in which speakers of Asian languages can practise aspects of English pronunciation. The focus will be on speakers of Chinese and Japanese, but speakers of all Asian languages may attend if space permits.

ADTIS In-Sessional - Writing with Clarity Thu 14 May 2020   17:00 [Places]

Academic writing should be clear and concise. It should be coherent, easy to read and present a logical flow of ideas. This workshop will introduce you to a range of useful skills that will focus and improve the clarity of your writing. Learn about sentence length, signposting, ‘garden path sentences’ and more.

ADTIS In-Sessional - Referencing Mon 18 May 2020   17:00 [Places]

This workshop will consider ways of referencing in a coherent and legible fashion, establishing what might be best practice for the needs of particular academic formats (dissertation, article, paper etc). Footnoting will also be looked at.

ADTIS In-Sessional - Simple Self-Editing Thu 23 May 2019   17:00 Finished

To ensure that your writing is logical, clear and concise, you should edit it with care. In this workshop, you will learn how to revise, improve and enhance your writing through a range of simple self-editing exercises.

ADTIS In-Sessional - Proof reading Wed 27 May 2020   17:00 [Places]

This workshop offers an introduction to various techniques for proof-reading a text, to try to ensure that it is as error-free and coherent as possible. It will also teach how to read and use basic proof-reading symbols.

ADTIS In-Sessional - Idioms and Culture Thu 4 Jun 2020   17:00 [Places]

Idioms form an important part of everyday spoken English and offer insights into British culture and society. In this informal workshop, you will explore English idiomatic expressions within their cultural context and will put them into practice through a range of simple exercises.

ADTIS In-Sessional - Intonation and Stress Mon 8 Jun 2020   17:00 [Places]

This workshop will discuss ways in which meaning can be conveyed in spoken English by intonation and stress, and offer students ways to improve the clarity of their spoken English and their comprehension of the spoken language.

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