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Self-taught course

Provided by: Student Systems


This course is self taught (Online course).

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CamSIS: Introduction - Online Course

Self-taught course


This is the online version of the instructor-led course Introduction to CamSIS If you wish, do book on both courses.

CamSIS is Cambridge’s system for handling student information, records and transactions, from initial contact and application all the way through to graduation. This online course will teach you the basics of using the system to view student records and to produce basic reports.

Also covers how to understand student data in CamSIS.

Target audience
  • University & College Staff
  • Further details regarding Student Systems' eligibility criteria are available

Note: This course isn't relevant to students.



Topics covered
  • Basic overview of what CamSIS is and what it is used for
  • Logging in, navigating, searching
  • Producing a report of a student record.

Also covers how to understand student data in CamSIS.


To be able to:

  • Understand the CamSIS environment
  • View student data
  • Create lists of students

To become familiar with the basics of using CamSIS.

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