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Postdoc Academy Masterclass: Time and Focus new Wed 3 May 2023   14:00 [Places]

Would you like to focus better on the work that is important to you? Do you find you have too many distractions and struggle to prioritise?

In this 1-hour online session, you will learn techniques to help you:

  • enhance your focus on your most important work
  • reduce distraction and prioritise more effectively
  • establish daily habits to relieve stress, reduce self-criticism and strengthen resilience
  • create space to recognise your achievements each day.

The session is followed by a 4-day Nudge Course. This provides one technique per day to help you convert the techniques you’ve learned into useful habits.

For 48 hours following the session, you will also have the opportunity to contact Joy, a mental health nurse with over 40 years’ experience. Joy will offer a confidential listening ear and signpost you to further support.

Postdoc Academy Workshop: Managing Imposter Phenomenon new Tue 25 Apr 2023   13:30 [Places]

Most people experience self-doubt at some point in their life. We may not feel as competent or knowledgeable as others perceive us to be, or we may attribute our success to luck.

Such thoughts and emotions are sometimes referred to as impostor phenomenon. Research suggests it is common amongst high achieving individuals such as those working in academia.

This 3-hour workshop will provide a safe and confidential space to explore your own and others’ experiences of imposter phenomenon, and why these feelings can arise.

It will also equip you with a range of different approaches to help manage feelings of self-doubt.

By the end of the workshop you will have:

  • understood what imposter phenomenon is and why you might experience it
  • explored its impact on your life and career
  • identified strategies for managing self-doubt.

Being able to effectively manage your workload in a proactive and realistic way is key to a successful research career.

Understanding task and relationship management techniques can help you better balance the demands on your time as a postdoc, as well as reducing your stress.

In this interactive half-day workshop, you will learn practical techniques that you can implement to consistently improve your day-to-day productivity.

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • manage your activities more proactively through planning and negotiation
  • feel more confident in how to prioritise, make decisions, and say no
  • better manage your email and meeting habits.

Bring your productivity issues to the workshop ready for some practical troubleshooting!

Powerful presentation skills can be critical in winning support for your ideas, establishing partnerships, spreading your message, or simply getting a job.

This highly interactive workshop series covers the secrets of public speaking, from a compelling opening and the magic of storytelling, to the effective use of body language and interactions to help your talk come alive.

The two half-day workshops will include:

The Essentials of Presentations

  • How to open well and impress from the outset.
  • Crafting an ending that leaves your words ringing in the ears of an audience.
  • Being clear on your narrative for concise and effective storytelling.
  • Adapting your message for any audience.


  • How much information to put on a slide.
  • Effective use of images.
  • Elegant use of data to convince rather than overwhelm.

The Magic of Storytelling

  • The impact of stories over facts.
  • How to tell a compelling story.
  • The pillars of persuasion - credibility, emotion and logic.

Advanced Presentation Skills

  • How to use character, authenticity and body language to your advantage.
  • Turning your talk into a captivating dialogue.
  • Using signposting and soundbites to make your most important points stand out.
  • Dealing with nerves.