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A microbiological safety cabinet (MSC) is a vital piece of equipment that helps to prevent exposure to biological hazards. All containment laboratory users and their supervisors should know how to use MSCs effectively, what the standards are for the different levels of containment, and how the facilities are managed. This course will help both users and managers understand their responsibilities in creating a safe working area and provide both theory and practical knowledge on the safe and effective use of tissue culture (Class II) cabinets.

This session is primarily for those based on the Addenbrooke's Site, although others working at CL2/3 are encouraged to attend.

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Date Availability
Wed 4 Mar 2020 14:15 [Full]
Tue 24 Mar 2020 14:30 [Full]
Thu 30 Apr 2020 14:15 [Full]
Thu 30 Jul 2020 14:15 [Places]
Using Hydrofluoric Acid Safely Mon 9 Mar 2020   09:30 CANCELLED

Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) is one of the most toxic and potentially dangerous substances used in the University. All users of HF should be fully aware of and have a good understanding of the nature of HF. They should know how best to control HF, avoid accidental exposure and understand how to deal with accidental exposure to HF. All users of HF are strongly advised to attend this course. This course is also useful for First Aiders in Departments where HF is used.

A short course designed to raise the awareness of the proper selection, use, and maintenance of ionising radiation monitors. The capabilities and limitations of each monitor type will be described and practical demonstrations given of how monitors respond and how they should be used, and what and how records must be kept.

West Forvie Building: Chemical Safety Tue 12 Jun 2012   09:30 Finished

A safety course for anyone either directly working with chemicals or who is responsible for persons working with chemicals including PIs, Post Grads, Post Docs and technicians.

Working at Height: Basic Ladder Safety Thu 30 Apr 2020   09:30   [More dates...] [Places]

Falls from ladders and other height access devices continue to cause injuries to people at work in the University. The new Work at Height Regulations (April 2005) have implications for the University because the emphasis has changed to any fall from any height. Anyone who uses ladders or who supervises work with ladders should attend this session.

Available to deliver in departments and colleges, see Unscheduled events for more details.

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Date Availability
Wed 11 Mar 2020 09:30 [Full]
Thu 9 Jul 2020 09:30 [Places]
Working at Height: Safe Use of Mobile Towers Tue 10 Jan 2012   11:00 Finished

This course is for staff who regularly use mobile towers. It focuses on updating staff on the health and safety issues associated with this specific item of equipment used for accessing height. It will remind participants about Work at Height and the correct and safe use of mobile towers. It is assumed that staff attending this course will be regular users and have had equipment assembly training either internally or from the supplier when the tower was purchased.

Working at Height: Training a Ladder Inspector Tue 5 Feb 2013   14:15 Finished

This course is primarily for staff from institutions who wish to undertake their own ladder inspections, to comply with the requirements under the Provision and Use of Workplace Equipment Regulations (PUWER) and the Work at Height Regulations for competent inspection for access to and work at height.

This course is a more advanced version of Basic ladder safety and is assessed by practical and theoretical applications.

Working within the Human Tissue Act Thu 19 Mar 2020   14:00 Not bookable

The course will provide an overview of the Human Tissue Act and will be delivered by Dr Rachel Smith from the MRC Regulatory Support Centre. The Centre provides training, support and guidance to those whose research involves human participants, their tissue, cells or data.

Please contact Carolyn Read to book a place.

Anyone who is or will be a first-time user or supervisor of x-ray equipment or other equipment generating ionising radiation is expected to attend this course before they begin work. Existing users and supervisors of these items of equipment who are new to the University should also attend.

Your Safety Policy Mon 18 Feb 2013   14:30 POSTPONED

This course has been put on by popular demand to help those who have the task of reviewing and revising safety policies. It will concentrate on the characteristics, content and format of a departmental safety policy. You will also be given the opportunity to reflect on your own departmental policy.

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