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Instructor-led course

Provided by: Occupational Health and Safety Service

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Virtual - Fire Safety Managers Training


This course will provide clear instruction of what is expected of fire safety managers to assist responsible persons to comply with current fire safety legislation.

Target audience
  • Appointed Fire Safety Managers and Deputies
  • Further details regarding OHSS’ eligibility criteria are available

On returning to the workplace the participant will be able to:

  • successfully manage fire safety within their building(s) including carrying out periodic fire safety checks
  • recognise and understand the fire safety protection measures within their buildings
  • carry out appropriate follow up action to complete the Fire Risk Assessment action plan for the building
  • be confident of who to contact when advice and assistance is needed

To enable a Departmental Fire Safety Manager to understand the following:

  • their responsibilities in assisting the University meet its legal obligations for fire safety
  • what his/her duties and responsibilities are in relation to fire safety management in a building
  • the scope and content of a fire risk assessment, and
  • to recognise and understand the fire safety protection measures within their buildings



College staff are charged £28 per participant, see charging for further information


The content of the course is specific to the University environment. Consequently it may be of little relevance to those working in a college.


One session of two and a half hours




Events available