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Self-taught course

Provided by: University Information Services - Digital Literacy Skills


This course is self taught (Online course).

Bookings cannot be made on this course (Programme is completed).

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Oracle Academy: Database Design and SQL (Online)

Self-taught course


This is a fee-based online course for Oracle: Database Design and SQL.

In the first half of Oracle’s Database Design and Programming with SQL course you will learn to analyse complex business scenarios and create a data model - a conceptual representation of an organization’s information. In the second section you will implement your database design by creating a physical database using SQL, an industry-standard database programming language.

Completion of this course prepares you close to being ready to sit the external exam Oracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I 1Z0-051. Read more about this exam.

Target audience
  • All current Cambridge University members (departments and colleges)
  • Further details regarding eligibility criteria are available
Topics covered

Section 1

  • Introduction to the Oracle Academy
  • Conceptual & Physical Models
  • Entity Relationship Diagramming
  • Supertypes, Subtypes, and Business Rules Working With Entity Relationships
  • Unique Identifiers and Normalization
  • Arcs, Hierarchies, and Historical Data
  • Project Presentation
  • Modelling Change
  • Drawing Conventions and Generic Modelling
  • Transforming From Conceptual Model to Physical Model
  • Introduction to SQL
  • System Development Lifecycle
  • SELECT Statements and Relational Database Technology
  • Using the WHERE Clause
  • Restricting Rows and Introduction to Functions

Section 2

  • Using Character, Number, and Date Functions
  • Using Single Row Functions
  • Executing Database Joins
  • Working With Group Functions
  • Using Complex SQL with Aggregated Data
  • Creating Subqueries
  • Constructing DML Statements
  • Working With DDL Statements
  • Ensuring Quality Query Results
  • Creating and Managing Constraints
  • Creating and Managing Views
  • Working With Sequences
  • Fundamentals of Database Security
  • Understanding Database Transactions
  • Oracle Proprietary Join Syntax
  • Final Project
  • Ensuring Quality Query Results – Advanced Techniques
  • Online access to the course £50 fee for University departments. Colleges and private payments from University members are charged + VAT = £60
Exam information
  • There is an eternal exam fee for those who wish to take it
  • The exam can be booked and taken through the exam centre
  • 180 hours study. The course should be completed by 31st August when Oracle expires existing student accounts.


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