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Instructor-led course

Provided by: CamSIS Training

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Basic Reporting (CamSIS Search, Queries and Reports)


CamSIS Search is a tool used within CamSIS to create lists of students and update student data. This course will show you how to understand the data structure and how to use CamSIS Search to create student lists. You’ll also learn how to run reports and queries within CamSIS.

Target audience
  • University & College Staff
  • Further details regarding CamSIS' eligibility criteria are available
Topics covered
  • Creating and running a CamSIS Search
  • Modifying how the results are displayed
  • Adding extra search criteria
  • Adding extra columns
  • Managing saved searches
  • Creating an email list from the search results
  • Exporting the search results to a spreadsheet
  • Transferring results to another part of CamSIS
  • Running a report using Report Manager
  • Running a report using Process Monitor
  • Running a CamSIS Query
  • Exporting Query results to a spreadsheet

To be able to:

  • Understand the CamSIS environment
  • View student data
  • Create lists of students
  • Run reports and queries
  • Export CamSIS data to a spreadsheet

To become familiar with the use of CamSIS Search


Presentations, demonstrations and practicals


One half day session



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