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Instructor-led course

Provided by: PPD Personal and Professional Development

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Dignity at Work: A Guide for All Staff


In the workplace there will be occasions when people feel that they have been bullied, harassed or subjected to inappropriate behaviour. This is a practical and important interactive session which is designed to provide clarity and guidance on the University’s Dignity at Work policy and procedures. It will explain the legal framework, and will clarify options and practical measures open to you to help you address Dignity at Work problems if they arise.

Target audience
  • University staff
  • Further details regarding PPD's eligibility criteria are available here
  • to be aware of the Equality and Diversity legal framework in relation to Dignity at Work
  • to recognise what bullying and harassment looks like
  • to appreciate the impact that bullying and harassment can have on individuals and organisations
  • to understand the Dignity at Work Policy (Informal and Formal Procedures)
  • to understand the role of the Dignity at Work contacts
  • to be aware of the mediation service and when it is appropriate to use it

One half day session

Valuing Diversity

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