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Self-taught course

Provided by: Finance Training


This course is self taught (Online course).

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NOTE: Bookings on this course require approval by the course administrator.

You may make a provisional booking using this page, but your place will not be confirmed until the booking has been approved.

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iProcurement web based: Buyers

Self-taught course


This course enables users to learn how to request goods/services required for their role using the UFS iProcurement module.

Please be aware before you book ...
We also run this course as a classroom taught course roughly once a month from September to July if you would prefer. You must book and attend BOTH Am and PM sessions if you are to be a Buyer - Book the classroom course)
The online course is NOT a prerequisite for the classroom course
You only need do the Buyers OR Requisitioners course, not both.
How to proceed and book onto this course
  • Please check firstly that you are required to be an iProcurement Buyer. If not, you may need the Requisitioner course. If you aren't sure about this, please check our guide at or ask your line manager or Finance Key Contact for guidance, as making an incorrect booking will delay your training.
  • Make a provisional booking by using the Book a Place > button . You will receive an email to acknowledge your booking. Please read this carefully.
  • You must then fill in your responsibility requirements in a short survey. Ask your line manager if you are unsure of what these need to be.
  • The training team will use your booking and survey results to set up your training account and will then email you with details of how to access the training and the UFS Play system.
Target audience

Departmental purchasing staff.


It will benefit you when taking the course to ensure that you are familiar with the General Ledger and/or Grant Codes that you will be using, your accounts office should be able to advise you.

  • Set up user defaults
  • Create requisitions via the Marketplace and Non-Catalog
  • Approve or forward requisitions
  • Deal with requisitions sent to you
  • Converting Requisitions into orders ( if you have users within the department with a requisitioner responsibility)
  • To raise requisitions via the Marketplace and Non-Catalog process correctly and deal with amendments.
  • To deal with requisitions sent to you for approval.

Interactive demonstrations and a final consolidation exercise.


If you work for CIMR please enter your specific department name in the Special Requirements Box and the 2 digit CUFS code if you know it.


If you work for Physics please enter your specific department name in the Special Requirements Box and the 2 digit CUFS code if you know it.

  • You will need to print of the course manual as part of the course, along with any other handouts as advised.
  • This course is mandatory if you require iProcurement Buyer responsibility.

Approximately 2-3 hours of online learning.

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