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Theme: Research Management

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Critical Thinking and Bioethics Tue 9 Feb 2016   09:20 Finished

As scientists, your skills of critical thinking are well developed in hypothesis testing, observation and empirical experiment. This workshop will incorporate other modes of logic and reason into your scientific thinking. The focus of discussion will be social and ethical issues in biotechnology.

You will develop:

  • Knowledge of critical thinking, with respect to logic and argument development
  • Skills in application of critical thinking using case studies and debate involving bioethics

Developing your critical thinking and recognising how human elements impact on scientific enquiry will support you in making more appropriate decisions in the direction of your scientific projects.


This course compromises of two compulsory sessions. In the first session you will learn the skills and in the second you will apply them. There is also an optional follow-up session where you can meet with members of your group to discuss how you have applied the skills in your research.


Caroline Broad is a Philosophy graduate, with seven years experience working in the bio science industry and 15 years delivering skills development workshops.

The design and analysis of experiments is an essential first step before doing any research; this short seminar will help you develop a clear understanding of what you need to consider when planning experiments and will help to maximize your productivity. Please note that this course is aimed at ecologists but the principles can be applied to experimental design in many other areas.

How to Keep a Lab Notebook Fri 1 Nov 2019   14:00 Finished

Your lab notebook is one of the most important and precious objects you, as a scientist, will ever have. This course will explore how keeping an exemplary laboratory notebook is crucial to good scientific practice in lab research. The course will consist of a short talk, a chance to assess some examples of good and bad practice, with plenty of time for questions and discussion. You might like to bring along your own lab notebook for feedback. (Please note that issues relating to protection of Intellectual Property Rights will not be covered in this course).

RSVP: wRiting, Submitting, Viva, emPloyment Fri 12 Dec 2014   09:30 Finished

How to succeed in your PhD! A one day course which prepares final year PhD students for finishing the writing up, surviving the viva and moving on into postdoc or other employment. All research students in the Graduate School of Life Sciences are expected to attend this highly-recommended course at some point in their final year.