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Self-taught course

Provided by: University Information Services - Digital Literacy Skills


This course is self taught (Materials may be loaned out).

Bookings cannot be made on this course (Course is not taking bookings).

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Adobe Photoshop CC (2018) - Level 1


The skills and knowledge acquired in Adobe Photoshop CC - Level 1 are sufficient to be able to use and operate the software effectively.

Target audience

Anyone who wants to learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop CC

  • The course assumes little or no knowledge of the software. However, it would be beneficial to have a general understanding of personal computers and the Windows operating system environment.
Topics covered

Getting To Know Adobe Photoshop

  • Starting Adobe Photoshop In Windows 10
  • The Start Workspace
  • Dark Versus Light Interface
  • Opening An Existing File
  • The Photoshop CC Workspace
  • Understanding Panels
  • Working With The Panel Dock
  • Working With Panels And Panel Groups
  • Panel Techniques
  • Understanding The Tools Panel
  • Working With The Tools Panel
  • Resetting The Tools Panel
  • Understanding The Options Bar
  • Closing A Document
  • Photoshop CC Touch Guide

Your First Document

  • Creating A New Document
  • Customising And Saving Workspaces
  • Understanding The Rulers And Ruler Tool
  • Using Undo And The History Panel
  • Understanding The Preferences Dialog Box
  • Saving A Document

Navigating Images

  • Understanding The Document Window
  • Navigating With The Zoom Tool
  • Navigating With The Hand Tool
  • Navigating With The Navigator Panel
  • Navigating With Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Understanding Screen Modes
  • Working With Tabbed Documents
  • Arranging Multiple Documents
  • Working With Multiple Documents

Digital Image Basics

  • Understanding File Formats
  • Understanding Image Size Versus Resolution
  • Understanding File Size
  • Understanding Colour Mode

Making Selections

  • Using The Marquee Tools
  • Understanding The Lasso Tools
  • Using The Lasso Tool
  • Using The Polygonal Lasso Tool
  • Using The Magnetic Lasso Tool
  • Using The Quick Selection Tool
  • Using The Magic Wand Tool
  • Growing A Selection
  • Add To Or Subtract From A Selection
  • Saving A Selection
  • Understanding The Select And Mask Options
  • Refining Hard-Edged Selections
  • Refining Soft-Edged Selections
  • Selecting With Colour Range
  • Moving And Copying Selections

Working With Layers

  • Understanding Layers
  • Understanding The Layers Panel
  • Creating A New Layer
  • Adding Images To Layers
  • Working With Layers
  • Working With The Background Layer
  • Changing The Layer Stacking Order
  • Changing Layer Opacity
  • Transforming Layers
  • Organising Layers Into Groups

Resizing Images

  • Understanding Resizing And Resampling
  • Resizing An Image For Printing
  • Using The Print Dialog Box To Resize Images
  • Resampling An Image For Email Or Web
  • Guidelines For Cropping Images
  • Understanding The Crop Tool Options Bar
  • Cropping Images
  • Cropping Images To A Preset Size
  • Applying A Non-Destructive Crop
  • Using The Crop Tool To Add A Border


  • Understanding Colour
  • Colour Fundamentals
  • Understanding The Colour Panel
  • Applying Colour With The Colour Panel
  • Selecting Colours Using The Swatches Panel
  • Selecting Colours Using The Eyedropper
  • Selecting Colours Using The Hue Cube
  • Identifying A Colour Using The Eyedropper
  • Understanding The Brushes Panel
  • Understanding The Brush Settings Panel
  • Using The Brush Tool To Apply Colour
  • Downloading Brushes
  • Changing Brush Styles
  • Creating A Custom Brush
  • Using The Mixer Brush
  • Understanding Stroke Smoothing
  • Understanding Paint Symmetry

Working With Text

  • Understanding Vector-Based Text
  • Adding Point Text
  • Changing Text Size
  • Changing Text Colour
  • Changing The Font Family
  • Installing Typekit Fonts
  • Editing Text
  • Adding Paragraph Text
  • Formatting Paragraph Text
  • Warping Text
  • Understanding Variable Fonts
  • Drawing Paths For Text
  • Creating Text On A Path
  • Creating A Custom Path Frame
  • Adding Text Inside A Custom Path Frame
  • Filling Text With An Image
  • Creating And Applying Paragraph Styles
  • Creating And Applying Character Styles
  • Creating A Watermark


  • Drawing A Standard Shape
  • Drawing A Custom Shape
  • Arranging Shapes
  • Drawing A Straight Line
  • Selecting And Editing Shape Layers
  • Understanding Guides
  • Understanding Smart Guides
  • Using Smart Guides To Position Shapes

Retouching And Repairing

  • Understanding The Retouch And Repair Tools
  • Removing Blemishes
  • Reducing Wrinkles
  • Removing Stray Hairs
  • Whitening Teeth
  • Intensifying Eye Colour
  • Removing Red Eye
  • Sculpting With Liquify
  • Removing Unwanted Objects And Wires
  • Moving Objects Using Content-Aware
  • Using The Clone Stamp Tool


  • Understanding Saving
  • Saving Layered Files
  • Saving PSD Images In Another Format
  • Understanding The Save For Web Dialog Box
  • Optimising Photos For The Web – Part 1
  • Optimising Photos For The Web – Part 2


  • Printing Single Images
  • Understanding The Print Dialog Box
  • Using The Print Dialog Box
  • Understanding Printing Marks

Getting Help

  • Understanding The Help Menu
  • Investigating New Features
  • Using Online Help
  • Searching For Online Help
  • Accessing Online Tutorials
  • Using The Search Panel
  • Using The Learn Panel

At the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • recognise and understand the fundamental aspects of Photoshop
  • create your first Photoshop document
  • navigate images
  • understand the concepts of file formats, file size, colour modes and image resizing
  • make effective selections in an image
  • understand and work with layers and the Layers panel
  • resize images using a variety of techniques
  • understand how to select, use and work with colour
  • create and format text layers
  • draw and format standard and custom shapes
  • retouch and repair artefacts in images
  • understand the process of saving in Photoshop
  • understand printing and printing techniques
  • use the Help menu and access online help resources

Watsonia workbook with 141 topics. Files for the exercises are provided on a CD or can be downloaded here


Approximately 20 hours

Booking / availability