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Instructor-led course

Provided by: Finance Training

This course is not scheduled to run.

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Budgeting part 2: Creating and monitoring budgets in CUFS and Cognos


This session covers how to make a financial plan, prepare it for upload to the finance system and monitor progress against the plan. It is a practical course which will look at the techniques and systems within the University that can be used for budgeting.

It is an ideal follow on from Budgeting part 1 and for those who have a good working knowledge of budgeting principles and want to develop skills in using the University budgeting tools.

Target audience

This half-day session is designed for University staff with a responsibility for managing against budgets and financial targets, and who control and monitor income and expenditure.


Your booking will remain 'provisional' until you have fulfilled the following pre-requisites;

  • This course requires the effective use of Cognos. This can be proven either from;
    • completing a Cognos course which we will be in your training history
    • or confirming to us that you are a regular user of Cognos

If you have moved departments recently, please ensure your Cognos access is up to date with your current department/s that you operate in.

  • You will also need to have attended Budgeting part 1 or have a good working knowledge of basic budgeting principles

Until these have been fulfilled, we cannot approve your 'provisional' booking.

  • Setting Plan budgets
  • Use of cost centre categorisation
  • Use of the flexible Cognos reports to monitor against Plan
  • Analyse a budget report and explain why overs/under spends occur “variance analysis”

1/2 day


Events available