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Wed 10 Feb, Wed 24 Feb, Wed 3 Mar 2021
10:00, ...

Provided by: Department of Chemistry


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Chemistry: English Language Support

Wed 10 Feb, Wed 24 Feb, Wed 3 Mar 2021


Three workshops on aspects of writing for which the students would be expected to submit two pieces of written work that would be assessed by the instructor. The aim of the workshops will be for the students to improve both their scientific writing skills as well as their general academic literacy skills.

The specific areas of writing to be covered are:

  • Literature Review
  • Results section

Session One

Introduction to Academic Writing at PG Level

The aim of this session would be to prepare the foundations, as it were, covering the expectations of writing at PG level and covering some strategies for achieving what is the University’s only criterion when it comes to writing, namely that it is ‘clearly written’, before looking at writing in Chemistry specifically, and closing by looking at the two areas which will be the focus of the next two sessions – Literature Reviews and Results Sections.

Why writing at PG level is so hard

  • Understanding the Writing Process
  • How English works: Achieving Clarity
  • Rhetorical Templates
  • Paragraphs
  • Editing: from the Macro to the Micro
  • Discipline-specific Considerations
  • Literature Review & Results Section

Sessions Two & Three

  • Literature Reviews
  • Results Sections

For both of these sessions the students who be expected to have submitted work a week beforehand – this could be either individually or as a group. Each piece of work should be ca. 5 pages in length.

The two areas, Literature Reviews and Results Sections, will have been introduced in the introductory section. Students will also be able to access additional support materials when preparing their written work for submission before the workshop.

Each workshop would then essentially be based on the submissions of the group – looking and the strengths and weaknesses of a selection of them, encouraging discussion amongst the group as to what would need to be done in order to strengthen the submissions. This would also include a range of hands-on exercises that the students would do during the workshop, either individually or in a small group.

Target audience
  • Chemistry postgraduates
  • Further details regarding eligibility criteria are available

Number of sessions: 3

# Date Time Venue Trainer
1 Wed 10 Feb   10:00 - 12:30 10:00 - 12:30 Dr Karen Ottewell
2 Wed 24 Feb   10:00 - 12:00 10:00 - 12:00 Dr Karen Ottewell
3 Wed 3 Mar   10:00 - 12:00 10:00 - 12:00 Dr Karen Ottewell
Foundation Skills

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