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Theme: Training - Implicit Bias

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Understanding Implicit Bias new Wed 13 Mar 2019   12:30 Finished

Implicit biases can impact on the decisions we make and how we interact with colleagues and students, but what can we do to mitigate them?

This session builds on the Implicit Bias online module and will look at what practical steps can be taken to address implicit biases in the workplace.

CUL : Implicit Bias new Mon 29 Apr 2019   10:00 Finished

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What are Unconscious biases?

Unconscious biases are the views and opinions that we are unaware of, influenced by our background, culture and personal experiences that affect our everyday behaviour and decision making. It is therefore important that we recognise and understand the impact of our Unconscious biases, and know how to prevent them occurring in the workplace - this is particularly key in the context of recruitment and promotions.