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Engineering: Literature Searching for Part IIB Fri 16 Oct 2015   13:00 Finished

In preparation for your IIB project, this one-hour session will take you through the process of literature searching, where to look for literature, how to look after your references, and how to critically appraise what you have found.

Engineering: MBTI Workshop new Tue 16 Sep 2014   14:00 Finished

The post-doc committee is proud to present this workshop for research staff, to be held in LR 11 on Tuesday 16th of September, 2-5.30pm.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the most widely used personality instrument worldwide, based on over 50 years’ research and development. It presents a framework for understanding yourself and others and how you can use that understanding to develop personally and our relationships with others.

This workshop is run by Katie Hewitt, a qualified MBTI practitioner, and will include:

  • completion of the MBTI questionnaire
  • investigating the four areas of preference covered by MBTI
  • self-assessment of type with group exercises
  • looking at your best fit type and investigating how it could help you at work.

Learning about your personality type can help you to understand your role within your team and the role of others. It can also help you to cope with organisational change, deal with stress effectively and develop your emotional intelligence.

Surveys in CUED have revealed that Mentoring is a key area where teaching and research staff would like to see improvements.

As part of an ongoing development process, the CUED Post-Doc Committee is delighted to present this workshop on Mentoring, for both post-docs and faculty.

Mentoring is frequently requested but rarely implemented. The practice of being a mentor and/or mentee can be hugely beneficial for both sides and something that can be brought in to many professional relationships. This session will introduce you to what mentoring is and is not, how to set up a mentoring relationship and how to get the most out of it. Come along ready to get involved and start using some tools and strategies in the workshop including how to contract, get the most out of conversations, and be a good mentor or mentee.

Tea and Coffee will be provided.

Engineering: One-to-one Library Consultations new Fri 12 Sep 2014   09:00 Finished

Consultations on topics such as Resources for Engineering, Open Access, Reference Management Software, Literature Searching and more.

To book an appointment, visit our West Cambridge Appointments Calendar

This lunchtime briefing will introduce issues relating to Open Access as they relate to doctoral researchers, including its significance for university research evaluations, the differences between Green and Gold Open Access, funder and publisher requirements, electronic deposit for PhD theses at the Department of Engineering and services that are available to you.

« Description not available »

Engineering: Open Access Briefing new Mon 16 Mar 2015   14:00 Finished

This lunchtime briefing will issues relating to Open Access, including its significance for university research evaluations, the differences between Green and Gold Open Access, funder and publisher requirements and services that are available to help you.

There will be an opportunity for you to ask questions, highlight areas of concern and suggest ways to make Open Access compliance easier for researchers.

Engineering: Preparing for the 4th year project Mon 4 Jun 2018   13:00 Finished

This session will look at ways to plan your 4th year project, manage your time, and tips on conducting a literature search.

With some mention of the electronic resources available to you over the long vacation and on support provided by the Department of Engineering Library.

You may find it useful to bring your own laptop.

Engineering RCC Div D Poster Session new Mon 9 Nov 2015   14:00 Finished

Workshop on poster presentation and senior students presenting their posters

Engineering: RCC Information Management Sessions new Fri 13 Feb 2015   14:00 Finished

This series of workshops has been developed for Research and Communication Clubs within the Department of Engineering to ensure that postgraduate students receive the information management support and training required for their research.

RCC Coordinators: To book your whole group onto these sessions or to arrange alternative dates and times, please contact Niamh (email or phone 01223 748224).

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