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Fri 17 May 2019
09:30 - 09:50


Provided by: Cambridge University Libraries


Bookings cannot be made on this event (Event is cancelled).

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Take a break: Twenty Minute UL Tower Tour

Fri 17 May 2019


Take a break from revision stress with a twenty minute guided tour of the famous UL Tower. An experienced member of staff will take you up one of Cambridge's tallest structures where you can experience dazzling views of Cambridge as well as seeing some of the unique material that the tower holds.

Please be aware that access to the Tower is by lift/elevator only.

Target audience

Anyone who needs encouragement to take a break during Easter Term!


Number of sessions: 1

# Date Time Venue Trainers
1 Fri 17 May 2019   09:30 - 09:50 09:30 - 09:50 Cambridge University Library, Catalogue Hall Alex Fisher,  L. Mastrototaro

Tour lasting 20 minutes


· Pre-booking is essential

· 18s and over only

· In the event of a fire evacuation or lift failure, access up or down the tower is via 200+ steps. Therefore, this tour is not suitable for those with limited mobility or wheelchair users.

· This tour may not be suitable for those uncomfortable in confined spaces

· Bags and large coats must be left in our Locker Room off the Entrance Hall before the tour commences

· Tour is not suitable for pushchairs or prams. The Library does not have the facility to store pushchairs, prams or large items of luggage.

· No food or drink may be consumed at any point on the tour

· The tower is a high-security area and the Library reserves the right to search tour visitors on exit

· The Library reserves the right to cancel tours at any time and without notice.


20 minutes


Twice per week during Easter Term

Booking / availability