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Self-taught course

Provided by: University Information Services - Digital Literacy Skills


This course is self taught (Materials may be loaned out).

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Adobe Illustrator CC - Level 2

Self-taught course


The skills and knowledge acquired in Adobe Illustrator CC - Level 2 are sufficient to be able to work with various advanced aspects of Illustrator CC including working with the Creative Cloud, colour guides, brushes and symbols, Live Paint, tracing and much more.

Target audience

Adobe Illustrator CC - Level 2 is designed for users who want to extend their knowledge of the software.


Adobe Illustrator CC - Level 2 assumes some knowledge of the software. Also, it would be beneficial to have a general understanding of personal computers and the Windows operating system environment.

Topics covered

The Adobe Account

  • The Adobe Website
  • Signing in to Your Adobe Account
  • The Creative Profile Home Page
  • Managing Your Adobe Account
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Application Manager
  • Working With Apps
  • Understanding Assets
  • Understanding TypeKit
  • Add Fonts in Typekit
  • Understanding Adobe Colour CC
  • Understanding Behance

Creative Cloud Libraries

  • The Libraries Panel
  • Adding Elements to the Library
  • Adding People to Your Library

Working Collaboratively

  • Uploading a File to Creative Cloud
  • Creating a Folder in Creative Cloud
  • Working With Files and Folders
  • Viewing a File in Creative Cloud
  • Adding Collaborators
  • Making Changes to a Shared File
  • Commenting on a Shared File
  • Working With Comments

Adobe Mobile Apps

  • Adobe Creative Cloud Mobile Apps
  • The Adobe Capture Apps
  • Adobe Illustrator Mobile Apps
  • The Creative Cloud Library and Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Application Help and Support

The Transform Tools

  • Understanding the Transform Tools
  • Scaling and Rotating Objects
  • Reflecting Objects
  • Shearing Objects
  • Changing the Perspective of an Object
  • Understanding the Distortion Tools
  • Distorting Objects

Advanced Colour

  • Understanding Colour Themes
  • Navigating to Adobe Colour
  • Using the Colour Wheel
  • Working With Colour Rules
  • Saving a Colour Theme
  • Exploring Colour Themes
  • Working With Colour Themes in Illustrator
  • Understanding the Colour Guide


  • Understanding Patterns
  • Creating Different Types of Patterns
  • Applying a Pattern Swatch
  • Scaling and Moving a Pattern
  • Creating a New Pattern
  • Editing a Pattern

Brushes and Symbols

  • Understanding the Paintbrush Tool
  • The Brushes Panel
  • Understanding Brush Libraries
  • Using the Paintbrush Tool
  • Applying a Brush Stroke to a Path
  • Creating Different Kinds of Brushes
  • Creating an Art Brush
  • Creating a Scatter Brush
  • Using the Blob Brush
  • Using the Eraser Tool
  • Deleting a Brush Style
  • Understanding Symbols
  • Placing a Symbol Instance
  • Editing a Symbol
  • Understanding the Symbols Tools

Advanced Objects

  • Understanding Pathfinder
  • Creating a Compound Shape
  • Modifying Compound Shapes
  • Understanding Pathfinder Effects
  • Applying Pathfinder Effects
  • Creating Compound Paths
  • Understanding Envelopes
  • Reshape Objects Using Envelopes
  • Blending Shapes
  • Cutting and Dividing Objects


  • Understanding Effects
  • Understanding 3D Effects
  • Applying the 3D Extrude & Bevel Effect
  • Applying the 3D Revolve Effect
  • Applying the Outer Glow Effect
  • Understanding the Appearance Panel


  • Understanding Clipping Masks
  • Creating a Clipping Mask
  • Creating an Opacity Mask

Live Paint

  • Understanding Live Paint
  • Preparing for Live Paint
  • Simplifying Paths
  • Creating Live Paint Groups
  • Live Paint Gap Options
  • Applying Live Paint Fill
  • Adding Paths to a Live Paint Object
  • Using the Live Paint Selection Tool
  • Adding Gradients With Live Paint


  • Understanding Tracing
  • The Image Trace Panel
  • Using Image Trace
  • Expanding Paths in a Traced Image
  • Tracing an Image Manually

At the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • understand and work with your Adobe account
  • understand, modify and create Creative Cloud libraries
  • collaborate and work with others effectively
  • understand how Adobe mobile apps work
  • understand and work with the transform tools
  • perform advanced colour tasks using colour themes and colour guides
  • understand, create and work with patterns
  • understand what brushes are and how they can be used
  • use advanced tools and methods when working with objects
  • apply and modify effects
  • create and work with different kinds of masks
  • understand, apply and work with Live Paint
  • trace images manually or by using the Image Trace feature

Watsonia workbook with 109 topics.

Files for the exercises are also provided on a CD at the back of the book or can be downloaded here

System requirements

Adobe Illustrator CC


Approximately 14 - 16 hours

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