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Sat 25 May – Wed 12 Jun

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Wednesday 12 June

St Edmund's College - Molecular meets environmental archaeology in Egypt Finished 17:30 - 19:00 St Edmund's College Okinaga, Norfolk Building

Dive into the fascinating research of the New Kingdom Research Foundation (NKRF) as we explore the dynamic history of Egypt's climate and biodiversity. Contrary to the common belief that Egypt is perpetually hyper-arid, our latest archaeological findings in the Theban Mountain reveal periods of remarkable wet conditions during the New Kingdom and Roman eras.

Join us in unravelling the mysteries behind the extraordinary preservation of diverse plant species and trade goods from these periods of higher temperatures in the late Holocene. Was this due to economic prosperity, extensive trade networks, or mere chance?

To deepen our understanding, we have created a comprehensive database of vegetal remains from archaeological sites across Egypt, spanning from the predynastic to Coptic eras. Using cutting-edge Geographic Information Systems (GIS), climate modelling, and ecological analysis, we're mapping the intricate relationship between biodiversity, climate change, and human activity over millennia.

Furthermore, we're pioneering molecular methods to analyse DNA in soil and mudbrick remains, aiming to uncover the presence of ancient plants in tombs, Coptic settlements, and ancient springs. This innovative approach seeks to correlate our DNA findings with historical data, providing new insights into Egypt's botanical past.

Our research not only captivates archaeologists but also offers crucial insights into how past warming episodes influenced biodiversity in the Saharan region, shedding light on what we might expect as global warming progresses.

Join us on this journey through time and discover how Egypt's ancient climate can inform our future!