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Instructor-led course

Provided by: Finance Training

This course is not scheduled to run.

Events available

Finance Division Taster Sessions - Reporting


To provide an opportunity for someone from elsewhere in Finance Division to spend half a day in the Financial Reporting Team to get an overview and appreciation of what they do.

Target audience

Staff within the Finance Division only

Topics covered

Chart of accounts.

For each of the 5 different segments:

  • Design and purpose
  • Documentation and sources of advice
  • Impact on financial statements
  • Tricky areas (donations, transfers, etc)

Data handling and working papers

  • TB - Access database
  • Cognos GL datamarts
  • Pivot tables
  • Expenditure query / FS from TB / Other income analysis

University level financial reporting

A review of the regular internal and external financial reports, explaining the purpose of each and the relationship between them:

  • Financial statements / FMI / HESA FSR / heidi / HEFCE Annual Return / Office of National Statistics / Red Book / Key data
  • Optional elements: SORP / consolidation

Audit trail

  • Running through the trail behind figures in the financial statements / Red Book
  • Can either be general or focussed on your area of work or interest
  • Improve knowledge of the chart of accounts, including the impact of coding decisions on financial reporting
  • See different techniques in handling large volumes of financial data
  • Understand the types of internal and external reporting
  • Understand the relationship between your own work and figures appearing in the University‚Äôs financial statements / Red Book

Half Day



Events for Finance Division staff only

Events available