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All Cambridge Libraries : Alma Acquisitions Module new Tue 8 Jan 2019   09:30 Finished

This course is for staff that will need to use the Acquisitions functionality in Alma and have not had experience of it before. The course covers the key activities that will be performed in Acquisitions, including:

  • Vendor records
  • Funds and Ledgers
  • Po lines and POs
  • Creating a PO line
  • PO line template
  • Manual packaging
  • Creating a PO Line from an external bib record
  • Cancelling or deleting a Purchase Order
  • Receiving
  • Cataloguing processes
  • Invoices
  • Claims

An introduction to adding holding and item records to existing catalogue records as part of record-sharing in the Alma database. There is an opportunity for hands-on participation. Course leaders: Vanessa Lacey, (Head of English Cataloguing, UL) and Katherine Sendall, (English Cataloguing, Alma trainer)

An introduction to the theory and structure of Library of Congress Subject Headings. There is an opportunity for hands-on participation. Course leaders: Vanessa Lacey, (Head of English Cataloguing) and Fiona Grant, (Metadata Librarian).

An interactive workshop on the fulfillment module on the ALMA system.

All Staff Briefing new Wed 25 Sep 2019   15:00 Finished

Dr Jessica Gardner, University Librarian and Director of Library Services, would like to invite all University Library staff, College Librarians, non-affiliated Librarians and Departmental Librarians to join one of two all staff briefings in September 2019. There will be a presentation on the Cambridge University Libraries’ strategic and financial priorities.

Alma Fulfillment Training new Mon 23 Sep 2019   09:30 Finished

Learn how to use the ALMA fulfilment module – an intensive course for beginners. We will cover:

  • User records
  • Item records
  • CLiPS
  • Issuing
  • Returning
  • Renewals
  • Fines
  • Requests
Annual Leave Briefing - All Staff new Wed 16 Oct 2019   14:30 Finished

The HR team will be holding a number of briefing sessions covering the new E-days system, demonstrating how it works and some of the key principles that sit alongside it, such as flexible working. They will also be an opportunity to take questions.

This session is designed to provide library staff with hints and tips on academic publishing pathways from an experienced journal editor.

The session will look at what happens during the publishing process as well as how to best navigate the world of academic publishing.

It would be of use to those librarians supporting researchers with publications and those looking to publish their own work.

A drop-in session for Cambridge University Staff who are interested to learn more about management, team leading and other apprenticeships.

This short session will provide an understanding of the principles, tools and techniques involved in Process Analysis with a view to improving business process effectiveness and efficiency. Delegates will have the opportunity to practice using the techniques that they learn via exercises designed to be enjoyable and thought provoking.

The course refers to the methodology used in conjunction with Triaster process mapping software available to users across the University of Cambridge.

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