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Cambridge University Libraries Staff Learning and Development August 2018 - July 2019

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Briefing on the security of the CUL collections

Briefing on Conservation and Collection Care

An interactive workshop, focusing on providing good customer service for both internal (colleagues) and external (readers) customers.

There will always be too much to do within the time available! We cannot manage time, but we can manage ourselves and our workload within the time we do have. The trick is to get better at your time management!

Most managers would like to organise themselves more effectively whilst helping their team to develop and achieve more. This, in turn, can help to reduce stress levels and enhance the feeling of wellbeing.

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Many managers attempt to ‘project manage’ their way through change, deal with uncertainty when it happens or try and ignore it altogether. Such managers then seem surprised by the backlash and resistance they get from their staff! Most managers would like change to be easier and less time consuming. Most managers would like to plan effectively even in times of uncertainty.

This workshop will give you a range of practical and thought-provoking tools, tips and techniques to help you lead and facilitate changes more effectively

This workshop is aimed at budget holders and is designed to meet the following objectives:

  • Define “budgets” and why we set them
  • Setting and monitoring budgets
  • Explain budgeting in the University including sources of income
  • Analyse a budget report and understand variances

Led by Simon Halliday, Facilities Management Supervisor, colleagues will learn important health and safety regarding manual handling. Register your interest for this training and Simon Halliday will be in contact regarding times and dates suitable for training.

Whilst the importance of coaching is widely recognised it is important to maintain the organisations mentoring capability. Be this formal mentoring where the mentor has been assigned or using mentoring skill in a more day to day conversational way having people who are skilled at providing guidance and developing people can have a marked effect on organisational performance . The workshop is suitable for anybody with either a formal or informal role as a mentor and also for line managers wishing to develop this skill. The workshop can be a way of developing a mentoring culture across the organisation or for specific departments or service areas.

A one hour briefing for all new budget holders

Briefing for all new CUL Managers to understand the range of HR policies

A 90 minute briefing for all new budget holders on how to read and understand reports

Recommended for those responsible for the recruitment and selection of staff, who are interested in developing further skills in this area. This course prepares you to effectively carry out the recruitment and selection process taking you through the stages of producing a person specification, short listing effectively against selection criteria, designing questions, structuring and conducting interviews, and making the final decision. University policies and procedures will also be covered.

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