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Instructor-led course

Provided by: Cambridge University Libraries

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Medicine: Reflective Practice (for University and NHS)


Being a reflective practitioner is an important skill to have, but it doesn't always come naturally. It's an essential requirement for people in a variety of professions, particularly healthcare, where it plays an important role in decision making and patient care. For nurses undertaking revalidation, reflective writing is a key component of the process, but reflective writing is likely to be of relevance to those in other professions as well.

This interactive workshop will help you to understand the theory of reflective practice and how to translate this into your everyday role. It will provide tips for overcoming barriers to carrying out reflection and how to deal with feedback as well as offering a brief introduction to reflective writing.

Target audience
  • NHS healthcare professionals working in the East of England region
  • Postgraduates in Science, and Medicine in particular
  • Researchers in Science, and Medicine in particular
  • Further details regarding Cambridge University Library's eligibility criteria are available
Topics covered
  • What is reflective practice?
  • Models of reflective practice
  • Overcoming barriers to reflective practice
  • How to incorporate reflective practice in your everyday role
  • How to deal with feedback
  • Introduction to reflective writing

Presentations, demonstrations and practicals.


The Medical Library is located on the Addenbrooke's site.


One session of one hour.


A number of times throughout the year.


Events available