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Medicine: Critical Appraisal for NHS Staff (for NHS staff only)


This course will help you understand how to critically evaluate medical research articles, with a particular emphasis on evaluating the reliability, trustworthiness, and applicability of an article in informing evidence-based practice and decision-making in a healthcare context.

We will send you the article in advance, and it is a prerequisite that you read it before attending the session, and bring a copy with you to class.

UPDATE: Please note that some Medical Library sessions are taught in person, and some are taught online. Please ensure you check the venue details before booking a place. If it is an online session you will be contacted by the training team with information about how to join the session remotely.

Please note: this session may be recorded. By signing up for the session, you register your consent for recording to take place. Please email if you have any questions about this.

Target audience

NHS staff working in Addenbrooke's Hospital, or within the East of England region.


Read an article in advance prior to attending the session, and bring a copy with you to class.


Presentations, discussion and practicals.


One session of one hour


A number of times throughout the year.


Events available