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Amicus - For new starters Tue 21 Jan 2020   14:00 Finished

This course covers the foundation knowledge required to get you started using Amicus. The following topics are covered in the course:

  • An overview of Amicus and it's uses
  • How to log in and navigate
  • Viewing contact and prospect records
  • How to update biographical details
  • A look at contact preferences
  • How to run reports
Amicus for New Users new Thu 9 Mar 2017   10:00 Finished

This course is designed to get started in using Amicus. It will cover:

  • An overview of the functional areas in the system
  • Navigation and searching for records
  • How to update contact records
  • How to create Actions and Interactions
  • Adding reports to your dashboard

Have you struggled with any fundraising aspect of Amicus? Do you have any burning questions you have not found the answer to? Attend this interactive session with Katie Green and Anabela Ali to talk about all things fundraising related in Amicus. Come along with any questions or challenges you have faced! Snacks will be available.

Amicus Fundraising overview new Mon 29 Jul 2019   10:00 Finished

For users unfamiliar with the Fundraising module in Amicus, this overview will cover many of the major areas that are used by development professionals. We will look at the work that you do in your team and how it benefits the users of this area in Amicus. We will cover the following areas:

  • Contact Reports
  • Solicitation Cycles
  • Ratings
  • Legacies
  • Shared Prospects
  • Prospects and assigning fundraisers
Amicus - Gift acknowledgement Tue 12 Sep 2017   11:00 Finished

This course covers the system steps and process for processing gift acknowledgements within Amicus.

Amicus Hackathon - Viewing gifts in Amicus new Tue 23 Oct 2018   11:30 Finished

Welcome to the first Amicus Hackathon where we will aim to specify the changes we want to see to enable us to view donor giving information in an easier and more accurate way.

In this interactive session we will divide into cross functional groups. Each group will generate ideas of what data is required and how it should be viewable. We will then share proposals and agree on a specification to take forward for future development.

Amicus Hints and Tips webinar - refresh new Wed 24 Oct 2018   15:30 Finished

This webinar is aimed at the user who hasn't used Amicus in while, and needs a quick refresh on how to find records and navigate around Amicus.

Learn how to export the data you need from Amicus. Using Amicus Reporting Services you will be able to view and run a number of pre built reports created for the institutions that use Amicus. You will also use Amicus Reporting Services to export data you have selected using a saved Yellow Box Search.

Amicus - Interactions: Writing letters and emails Tue 10 Oct 2017   15:30 Finished

This course covers the system steps to adding and recording correspondence with individuals in Amicus:

  • Writing a letter through Amicus
  • Writing an email through Amicus
  • Recording correspondence from individuals within Amicus
Amicus Mailing Module - how create mass mailings new Tue 23 Oct 2018   14:30 Finished

Learn how to use the mailing module to create mass mailings. We will use Amicus CRM to create the mailing and Amicus Reporting Services to export the data.

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