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Theme: Relationship Building

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Managing and Developing Effective Teams Mon 11 Nov 2019   09:15   [More dates...] [Full]

A team that works well is an exciting and creative place to be.

This course will enable you to identify the important ingredients for a successful team and to reflect on your own team management skills. It will also look at different team-working styles and examine the need to balance the requirements of the task, the team and the individual.

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Thu 12 Mar 2020 09:15 [Full]
Tue 5 May 2020 09:15 [Full]

For many people having challenging conversations can be difficult and feel uncomfortable; however the ability to be able to talk about sensitive and emotive issues is an integral part of effective line management and can be critical to managing performance, promoting attendance and improving team dynamics.

This module will give you some practical steps to help you handle these conversations better and, where possible, get the right outcome for you, the individual and the University.