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Self-taught course

Provided by: University Information Services - Digital Literacy Skills


This course is self taught (Materials may be loaned out).

Bookings cannot be made on this course (Course is not taking bookings).

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Adobe InDesign CS6

Self-taught course


The skills and knowledge acquired in this courseware will allow the learner to create a variety of documents, both print-based and digital. The learner will be able to create a variety of documents ranging from simple text documents through to complex brochures and flyers with detailed graphics and advanced formatting features.

Target audience

This courseware is designed for users who are keen to use Adobe InDesign CS6 to create a variety of documents, both print based and digital.


This courseware assumes little or no knowledge of Adobe InDesign CS6 software. However, it would be beneficial to have a general understanding of personal computers and the operating system environment.

Topics covered

InDesign Basics

  • Closing A Document

The Tools Of InDesign

  • The Tools Panel
  • Selecting Tools For Use
  • Understanding Frames And Shapes
  • Selecting Objects
  • Creating Frames And Shapes
  • Selecting Text
  • Understanding Line Drawing
  • Using The Line Tools
  • Using The Transform Tools
  • Using The Viewing Tools
  • Using The Content Collector

Creating InDesign Documents

  • The Document Project
  • Understanding Document Presets
  • Adjusting The Units Of Measure
  • Creating A Document Preset
  • Creating A New Document
  • Saving A New Document
  • Understanding Master Pages
  • Working With Pages
  • Creating Ruler Guides
  • Setting Document Bleed And Slug
  • Changing Screen Views
  • Creating Master Pages
  • Inserting Auto Page Numbering
  • Applying A Master Page
  • Adjusting Column Guides

Working With Text

  • Creating Text Frames
  • Creating Text Frames
  • Threading Text Frames
  • Threading Text Frames
  • Typing Text Into Frames
  • Importing Text From Microsoft Word
  • Importing Word Documents
  • Editing Text In Place
  • Editing Text With The Story Editor
  • Using Glyphs

Formatting Text

  • Applying A Typeface And Type Style
  • Changing Font Size And Leading
  • Changing The Vertical Text Alignment
  • Changing The Horizontal Text Alignment
  • Applying An Indent
  • Applying A First Line Indent
  • Adjusting Kerning
  • Adjusting Tracking
  • Setting Tabs
  • Setting Drop Caps
  • Applying Subscript Or Superscript
  • Creating A Bulleted List

Working With Graphics

  • Understanding File Formats
  • Placing Graphics In A Document
  • Placing Graphics
  • Making A Graphic Fit
  • Positioning Graphics Within A Frame
  • Preparing To Use Adobe Bridge
  • Using Adobe Bridge To Place Graphics
  • Using The Links Panel
  • Placing InLine Graphics
  • Copying InLine Graphics
  • Embedding Graphics
  • Creating A Clipping Path
  • Applying Text Wrap
  • Adjusting Text Wrap
  • Creating A Caption
  • Changing Display Performance


  • Understanding Layers
  • Understanding The Layers Panel
  • Creating A Layer
  • Assigning Objects To Layers
  • Naming Layers And Assigning Colours
  • Hiding And Viewing Layers
  • Reordering Layers

Working With Colour

  • Understanding Colour
  • Creating And Adding Process Colours
  • Creating Spot Colours
  • Applying A Fill Colour
  • Applying A Stroke Colour
  • Creating A Tint
  • Creating A Gradient
  • Removing Colour

Drawing Objects

  • Understanding Objects
  • Creating Objects
  • Modifying Objects
  • Creating Objects Assignment
  • Creating Objects Using Pathfinder
  • Duplicating Objects
  • Arranging Objects
  • Grouping Objects
  • Aligning And Distributing Objects
  • Creating An Outline
  • Placing Graphics In An Outline

Formatting Objects

  • Applying Corner Effects
  • Applying A Drop Shadow
  • Applying Transparency
  • Applying Feathering
  • Using The Eyedropper Tool
  • Creating A Snippet
  • Inserting A Snippet
  • Inserting Snippets Assignment

Working With Styles

  • Understanding Styles
  • Creating Character Styles
  • Applying Character Styles
  • Creating Paragraph Styles
  • Creating A Style From Existing Formatting
  • Applying Paragraph Styles
  • Applying Styles Assignment 1
  • Applying Styles Assignment 2
  • Editing Styles
  • Creating Object Styles
  • Applying Object Styles

Working With Tables

  • Understanding Tables
  • Creating A Table
  • Selecting Tables And Table Cells
  • Entering Text In A Table Cell
  • Deleting A Table
  • Importing A Spreadsheet Table
  • Adjusting A Table
  • Formatting Text In A Table
  • Aligning Text In A Table
  • Applying Colour To Tables

Alternate Layouts

  • Understanding Alternate Layouts
  • Previewing Liquid Layout
  • Applying Liquid Layout Rules
  • Constraining Specific Objects
  • Applying Rules To Other Pages
  • Creating An Alternate Layout
  • Splitting The Document Window

Preparing For Printing

  • Running A Preflight Check
  • Printing A Document
  • Defining A Print Preset
  • Understanding Ink Handling Terms
  • Adjusting Overprint And Trap Settings
  • Creating A Postscript File
  • Exporting To PDF
  • Soft Proofing
  • Packaging A Document

Concluding Remarks


At the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • work comfortably with the InDesign screen and workspace
  • work with a broad range of InDesign tools
  • create new documents in InDesign
  • work with text in a document
  • format text using a variety of techniques
  • work with graphical elements in a document
  • create and work with layers
  • bring excitement to your documents with colour
  • draw and work with object shapes
  • create and apply styles
  • create and work with tables
  • create and work with alternate layouts for the same document
  • prepare your document for a variety of printing options

Watsonia workbook with 182 topics.

Most of the chapters in this courseware require you to open an existing file with data in it. These files can be downloaded free of charge from our web site at Simply follow the student files link on the home page. You will need the product code for this course which is INF539.

Files for the exercises are also provided on a CD at the back of the book or can be downloaded here

System requirements

Adobe InDesign CS6


Approximately 14 - 16 hours

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