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Instructor-led course

Provided by: University Information Services - Digital Literacy Skills

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Object Oriented Programming: Introduction using Python


This course is part of the Scientific Computing series.

This course provides an introduction to object oriented programming (OOP), aimed at those who have no prior experience of object oriented programming. The concepts of object oriented programming are demonstrated in Python, and Python's implementation of these concepts is discussed. By the end of the course, attendees should have a basic familiarity with these concepts and be able to assess wether the object-oriented paradigm is appropriate for their programming tasks.

As this course is part of the Scientific Computing series, most of the examples in the presentation are of greatest relevance to scientific programming.

Please note that there are no practical exercises during this course.

  • Prior attendance at the "Programming: Python for Absolute Beginners" course or equivalent experience.
Topics covered
  • Objects and their use in structured programming
  • Objects in Python
  • Namespaces in Python
  • Importing Python modules
  • Python Classes (including inheritance, private functions, etc)
  • Object and Class attributes in Python


Taught using

MCS Linux

  • This course is probably unsuitable for those who already have significant experience of object oriented programming.
  • This course is unsuitable for those who have no experience of Python.
  • Whilst not a prerequisite, those with little programming experience may benefit from first attending the "Programming: Basics of Programming" course.

One half day session

Programming and Scripting

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