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Instructor-led course

Provided by: HR Systems Training

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Wed 11 Mar 2020

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Recruitment Administration System (RAS)


This course is for those who are new to the Recruitment Administration System (RAS) or those who wish to have a refresher.

Target audience

Staff involved in recruitment within their department and who have responsibility for creating adverts

  • To understand what RAS does and where to access it
  • To be able to use RAS to place advertisements effectively
  • To set up a vacancy to enable applicants to apply using Web Recruitment
  • To set up a vacancy for Preferred Candidate Only
  • To understand how vacancies are granted Permission to Fill
  • To know where information and support on RAS and advertising can be found
  • To understand RAS's role in the recruitment process

One session of two hours

Recruitment Admin System (RAS)

Events available